UPDATE: Lawton Police Confirms Identify of Man Buried Under Shed

UPDATE: Lawton Oklahoma -The Lawton Police Department confirmed Tuesday morning that the man found buried under a shed last week was 28-year-old Trevor Boyer. LPD Captain Craig Akard said in a media release that Boyer recently moved to Lawton from Florida and also spent time in Colorado. Akard says LPD had no history of contact with Boyer prior to his death.


Lawton, Oklahoma – Based on tattoo comparisons, the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office believes they may have identified the person who was found buried under a shed.

According to Eddie Johnson, a spokesperson for the Medical Examiner's Office, the autopsy is not complete, but pathologists believe they have the body of Trevor Boyer. They also plan to do fingerprinting and could confirm the cause of death as soon as Tuesday.

On Thursday, Police arrested Sigfredo Sisco after they found a man's body buried in a shed near Southwest 10th Street and Monroe Avenue.

According to the police report, Sisco told police he got into a fight with Trevor Boyer, and Boyer had stabbed himself with a knife. Sisco told police he buried Boyer's body because he was scared.

No word yet on charges against Sisco. The investigation is ongoing.