Rising Waters Mean Booming Businesses

Water has taken the place of a dry lake bed in Lake Wichita.

“It's incredible, it feels great.  A friend of mine said the other day, the rain not only nourished our soil, it also nourished our soul," said Ken Holsberry, Preacher of Edgemere Church of Christ.

In 2014, and in 2013, Holsberry once stood on the dry lake bed of Lake Wichita.

“We literally walked out to the middle of Lake Wichita on dry ground and prayed for the lake to be filled and for the end of our drought.  Now, there is energy and optimism.  I've talked to people who have businesses and people are spending more money and they're investing in their future," said Holsberry.

A business down from Lake Wichita is Larry's Marine Center.  Now that Lake Wichita looks like a lake, the owner said that his business is booming.

“It's [the drought] affected our business, let alone everybody else's in Wichita Falls.  Being in the boating business, you need water," said Rodney Brown, owner of Larry's Marine Center.

With water, the business is staying afloat.

“We have 81 service tickets right now.  Naturally, we would have two or three a week.  Every boat in here right now is sold," said Brown.

30 boats, to be exact, have been sold within the last month. The return of water has made Brown's life much easier.

“It brings back a lot of joy.  Most of all, we're just glad to have the water back," said Brown.

Preacher of Edgemere Church of Christ, Ken Holsberry has teamed up with K.M.O.C. to give thanks for the rain.  They're inviting everyone in Texoma to join them as they celebrate with songs and prayer.  It will be at the Pavilion at Sikes Lakes, Sunday, June 28th at 6:30 p.m.

, Newschannel 6