Drought Busted

Drought Busted

Electra is officially out of a drought. City leaders elected to remove drought restrictions after record rainfall over the past two months that caused massive flooding while also restoring lake levels.

Electra buys water from Wichita Falls who pulls water from Lake Arrowhead and Kickapoo. Wichita Falls removed drought restrictions last week now Electra is following their lead.

Electra Mayor Pam Ward explained that the town will be enforcing permanent water restrictions. Similar to Wichita Falls residents in Electra will not be able to water their yards from 11 in the morning until six at night. However, unlike Wichita Falls the town's two restaurants will be permitted to put out water at tables without a customer asking for it.

"With the exception of requesting water at the restaurants we only have two in town so they will be able to serve water without being requested by customers," said Ward.

Electra residents for the first time in years are now permitted to wash their cars, wash down their driveways and fill their pools. Ward said that she believes that Electra citizens have became more water conscious during the drought and will continue to help conserve.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6