Ship Shape

Ship Shape

If your boat has not been in water for one year or more you're going to want to take it in for some basic maintenance.

"When a boat sets up for two or three years, whatever the case is you're going to deal with these kinds of issues and stuff," said Rodney Brown of Larry's Marine Center.

Brown said that sitting ethanol can cause massive damage to fuel lines.

"This winds up eats the inside liner out of the hose and stuff, then naturally winds up stopping the hose up and gets into the fuel systems," said Brown

Another thing to be concerned about is the water impeller which helps prevent boat engines from overheating.

"This one has the blades bent over on it because it has been set up dry rotting and stiff," said Brown.

There are over 83 boats sitting in the lot behind the maintenance shop and around 99% of those boats have basic maintenance fixes that still need to be made.

If you don't make these basic fixes before you bring your boat into the water, then it could cost you a lot more money.

"We have taken it from a two hundred and fifty dollar issue two and eight thousand dollar issue," said Brown

Most boat shops in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas are able to make basic fixes Brown advises every boater get their vessel in ship shape.

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