Residents Looking to Repair After Flood Reminded to Get Permits

Wichita County - Wichita County officials would like to remind residents who were affected by the May 2015 flood waters that they need to obtain a permit before repairing or rebuilding their property.

Emergency Management sates that residents doing any kind of construction, such as walls and interior damage, is required when any structure is being built. Permits are also required if one has do do electrical work and have to break down a wall.

Permits are not required for floor repairs.

Residents must contact the appropriate Building and Code Administration Office to apply for a repair permit. If the property is located within an incorporated city, residents must go to the Building and Code Administration Office for that incorporated city.

If the damaged property is located within the unincorporated portions of Wichita County and is located in a designated floodplain, the permit is then issued by the Wichita County Emergency Management Office which can be contacted by calling 940-763-0820.

According to officials, the time it takes to get a permit is done on a case by case basis, and depends on how fast the documents required are drawn up.

Those documents include:

Flood plain elevation drawing

Site plans

Drawings to scale.