More Building Projects at MSU

Source: KAUZ
Source: KAUZ

More changes will be coming to Midwestern State University, after the college gets nearly $60-million from Texas House Bill 100.

The bill was recently approved by Governor Greg Abbott.  It is part of a legislation that is giving $3.1-billion to Texas colleges.  MSU will get $58.4-million, which is the largest amount the university has ever gotten for a major construction bond.

“The first thing that we are going to do is that we will build a new health sciences building,” MSU President Dr. Jesse Rogers said.

He explained the current facility does not have enough space to accommodate all of the students enrolled in those programs.  Plus, they need new technology to be able to keep up with the real work and to be able to provide students with the best education.

“Our health science program is one Of the larger ones for a school our size in the state,” he said.

Out of all of the funds the university is getting, Dr. Rogers said at least $30-million will be used for the new building.  To put that in perspective the current facility only cost around $6-million, so the new facility will be much larger.

The current facility is built on the North side of campus and the new building will be built on the South side of campus taking over the parking lot behind Prothro Yeager.

While students are concerned about the parking issue at MSU, especially since the new dorm is being put where a parking lot used to be, and this building would take up another parking lot, crews are already working on building new parking spots.  Those will be located behind Prothro Yeager, next to the practice football field.

As for the current building, Dr. Rogers said they would do some renovations and make it the new education building.  He said the current facility for education is also too small.

The space on campus is also a concern.  Dr. Rogers said it will continue to be a problem in the long run.  However, the university has to press forward with projects to accommodate the growing campus.

“It's probably going to be 18-24 months before you see ground broken over there, but it takes that long to plan a building,” Dr. Rogers said.

Officials hope to have the building completed by Fall 2018.

The new building is not the only improvement to the campus.  The Moffett Library, the Fain Fine Arts Building, and the Bolin building will also get improvements from the funding.

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