Firework Safety

Firework Safety

Independence day is fast approaching and firework sales are increasing. Russell Nettles of Russell's Fireworks is advising customers to stay safe this holiday and urges them to use caution when setting off fireworks.

"Make sure you have a five gallon bucket of water and are facing down wind. You'll also want a lookout down wind with a five gallon bucket of water. If you do these things it will solve any problem that could come up. That is what I do every time I shoot fireworks off and I have never ever had a problem," said Nettles.

Unlike previous years Wichita County officials are not enforcing additional rules and requirements aimed at preventing fires. Nettles said that fireworks don't start fires, but irresponsible people certainly can.

"It is illegal to shoot fireworks off the county roads and county ditches I've made a bunch of signs up stating that fact and have passed them out to the surrounding counties because it is a problem for the counties," said Nettles.

The Texoma Motor Speedway will be hosting a July 4th shoot-off where customers can set off as many fireworks as they want in a safe secure environment for a $20 fee.

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