Circus Protest

Circus Protest

Protestors against Barnum And Bailey Traveling Circus could be seen in front of the Kay Yeager Coliseum Sunday. The protestors claim that the group abuses and improperly confine the animals that perform in shows.

"I would just invite them to come out come take a look at the animals and then form their own opinions," said Theresa Sosby, Veterinarian for Barnum and Bailey Traveling Circus.

Sosby said that all animals are treated and trained properly by the circus.

"Many times they have had to pay fines when they have been cited for cruelty towards animals," said Jen Herzog, protestor.

Herzog was one of the many who publicly protested against when she called wrongful treatment and training of circus animals.

"In the wild, they walk many many miles a day to forage for food that keeps joints healthy keeps them from getting arthritis when they are in captivity in zoos or circuses they are standing on concrete or just standing there shackled much of the time," said Herzog.

The Barnum And Bailey Traveling Circus maintains that they do not wrongfully treat or harm animals. Herzog and other protesters said the traveling circus has racked up numerous fines and fees over the years because of abuse neglect and mistreatment of performance animals.

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