Close To Closure

Close To Closure

The Bowie Memorial Hospital is exploring all options when it comes to keeping its doors open. Board members came to an agreement around 5:30 Tuesday afternoon.

"After much discussion the board voted to include Goldburg independent school district and Bowie independent school district in the vote," said Lynn Henry, interim CEO Bowie Memorial Hospital.

Over the past few years massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid have caused small town hospitals to close up. The Bowie Memorial Hospital is hoping not to become part of a growing statistic and keep its doors open.

A public hospital is charged with the bulk of the uncompensated care that comes in. And our compensated care every month we would write off between 300,000-400,000 dollars. We cannot sustain that kind of writing off each month without some type of help," said Henry.

The hospital has decided to let citizens of Bowie and the surrounding towns of Sunset and Goldburg vote if the operation cost for the hospital are worth a tax increase to create a new hospital district.

"We have to get a petition up to petition county judge and commissioners to put it on the ballot in November," said Henry.

Once signatures are gathered the item can go on the ballot.

If voters cast ballots in favor of the hospital the staff and many of the related medical businesses can afford to remain in town. If voters go against the tax increase more than 100 people with loose their job and many other medical related businesses could close up quickly.

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