Altus Police Search for Rooftop Shooting Suspect

Altus Police Search for Rooftop Shooting Suspect
Altus, Oklahoma - Officers are looking for a suspect after he reportedly fired his gun several times from a rooftop in Altus.
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call of a man shooting from a rooftop. Officers say the suspect is a white male with long hair, and he’s wearing a white shirt. They have also confirmed that several shell casings were found on the roof of the Towers Apartments.
One person who heard the shots says he stepped outside, heard the three shots and went back inside.
“I was going out, I was walking my dog, and I heard the shots, I came around the corner and the guy doing maintenance was taking the trash out and I heard the shots. I thought someone was just letting of fireworks because it didn’t seem like it was that big of a gun. Come to find out it was. I just ducked, not even ducked, I just took my dog in,” he said.
Police are working the scene and actively searching for the suspect.