Freedom Fest Changes

Freedom Fest Changes

Wichita Falls, TX - Before you head out the door to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday at Sheppard Air Force Base, you should be aware of a change this year.

In years past, event-goers would enter the festivities through the main gate or at the Missle Road gate entrance. This year, if attending the big concert and firework show you will have to enter at the hospital gate entrance.

Gates open to the general public at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

Before you head out to celebrate America's birthday there are some things you need to know. Certain items are not allowed on base.

Prohibited items: Large bags • coolers • drugs • alcohol • knives • guns
Weapons of any kind to include personal protective in nature (taser, pepper spray, etc.)
All personnel are subject to search prior to entry into event grounds

Frequently asked questions (Source:SAFB)

If I cannot bring something into Freedom Fest, can I go out to my car during the show? 
Yes. Since this show has no admission fee, you may leave and re-enter as you desire. Anyone re-entering will have to go through security checkpoints again.

Can I bring a purse? 
Small purses are permitted, subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the gate. Large purses (tote bag type) are not permitted.

Can I bring my camera, video camera, and cell phone? 
Yes. There are no restrictions on electronics. However, large camera bags are not permitted. Bring only necessary camera equipment, leaving extra attachments at home. A small fanny pack or camera vest is useful for carrying extra film and small lenses.

Can I bring water, drinks and food?
Yes. The items must be hand-carried and cannot be in a cooler or carry bag. All items brought in are subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the gate.

Can I bring a folding chair?
Yes. If your folding chair comes in a carrying case, please have the chair out of the case as you go through the security check point.

Can parents bring a stroller, diaper bag, change of clothes, etc. for their children? 
Yes. Strollers and wagons will be hand-searched at the gate. Please bring only necessary items in a small diaper bag, subject to hand-search at the gate. Large diaper bags may not be permitted. You can return to your vehicle during the show to get extra clothes, re-stock diaper items, etc.

Can I bring a pet?
Pets are not permitted at Freedom Fest and will not be allowed to proceed through the security checkpoint. The only exception will be trained assistance animals.

Can I stop at a facility on the way to the event? 
Stopping at any base buildings or facilities on your way  to the Freedom Fest event area is not permitted. You are required to proceed directly to the designated Freedom Fest event area.

Can I bring alcohol through the security checkpoint? 
No. Alcohol may not be brought into Freedom Fest; however, alcohol will be available for purchase at this event.
The only thing officials at the base say you can bring other than yourself and spending money are blankets and lawn chairs.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6