Avoiding BBQ Blunders

With summer in full swing and the drought over, many people will be grilling out.
It’s an American tradition, but not everyone has done it because of the drought.  However, officials at Lowe’s said for the first time in years they can have a BBQ season.
“More people will be grilling out this year because of the restrictions,” Ron Anderson, Department Manager at Lowe’s said, “They really have not been lifted, but they have been more relaxed.
Some more people want to grill, sales at Lowe’s have skyrocketed.  However, whether you’re in line to buy a new one, or just getting the old one back in gear, you need to take some safety precautions.  Anderson said people need to follow the three C’s.
“First thing you want to do is make sure the grill is clean,” he said
Check for any type of debris that could be a potential fire starter.  The second C is clearance.  You want to check around and above the frill to make sure there is nothing that could catch fire.  This could include branches, or lawn furniture.  The final C is connection.  Check to make sure everything is hooked up properly and that there are no leaks.  However, keep in mind there are different kinds of grills.
“Charcoal is going to be the more dangerous grill because some folks, they like to go ahead and try to add fluid or fuel to the fire while it’s grilling and that’s a definite no no,” Anderson said.
So, while you might lose flavor with a propane grill, it might be the right one to start with.
If an accident ends up happening, do not pour water on the grill.  This can increase the danger if the grease hits something flammable.  Also, don’t close the lid.
“The best thing to do is either use a fire extinguisher, use sand, or better yet, just call 911,” he said.
If you have a fire extinguisher, follow the P.A.S.S. steps.  Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep at the base of the fire.
Don’t forget to clean your grill after using it, but wait for it to cool off.  This insures that you won’t get burned or ruin anything you use to clean the grill.
Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6