Freedom Fest

Freedom Fest

Sheppard Air Force Base successfully hosted another annual Freedom Fest. This year Lieutenant Colonel Jeff White was the man in charge of transforming SAFB into a fun festival for all of Texoma to enjoy.

"We put a lot of trust and faith in the amazing team that we have here they are not letting us down that is just what we do is divide and conquer breaking it up into smaller pieces it all comes together beautifully," said Lieutenant Colonel White.

About six months ago in January SAFB began the first of many preparations to ensure that Freedom Fest would again be successful. Many of Texoma's finest food choices and music acts were contacted and contracted to take part in this year's event.

"Our freedom we don't understand that there is a bad price it is not free people die for this country people work in this country every day we just want everyone to just enjoy themselves and the country that we live in," said Wallace.

The festival ended with a firework finale of over 1,000 fireworks that shot off in twenty minutes in sequence with some patriotic music.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6