Cup Fever In The Falls

Cup Fever In The Falls

It's not longer the fourth of July but Americans still have plenty of reason to keep celebrating the country. The U.S. Women's national team defeated Japan 5-2 in a revenge match of last year's FIFA world cup and earn their first title since 1999.

Last summer when the U.S. Men's National team many sports bars and restaurants across the country were packed with people hooked on World Cup fever. This year only a handful of people could be seen cheering on the U.S. Women at Parkway North, a sports restaurant in Wichita Falls.

"It's coming a long way with hope solo Abby Wambach this being her last world cup Rapino I like it's going to be there and with these girls growing up I know one day that is their dream," said Sean Anderson, an avid U.S. Soccer fan.

Across from Anderson his daughter and many of her friends watched in wonderment.

"We play for WFFC but we are doing indoor right now so we play for blue crush," said Caroline Case.

Case and her friend Danielle Parish just finished playing when their parents decided to treat them to a meal and a chance to watch their heroes play. Parish said she hopes one day that the U.S. Women's team will garner the same national attention and respect as their male counterparts.

"I think they should because they worked really hard to get this opportunity to win a FIFA world cup," said Parish.

Anderson Case and Parish all agree no matter if you're a soccer fan or not it's a great day to be an American.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6