Woman Helps Alert Residents In Apartment Fire

Woman Helps Alert Residents In Apartment Fire
Six families are now receiving aid from the American Red Cross after being displaced by Sunday night’s fire at the Parkway Villas Apartments. The fire destroyed one building containing eight apartments.
A fire alarm is still ringing, and the smell of smoke still lingers. Not much else remains after the two-alarm fire sparked at a building at the Parkway Villas Apartments.
Only debris and painful memories remain for one woman who came to the rescue of those inside the building.
“I had nightmares all night, honestly I did,” said April Love, the very first person at the scene of the fire. “I couldn't sleep.”
April Love lives at a different building at the Parkway Villas Apartment Complex. But even though the fire didn't strike her home, she jumped into action.
“It was smoky from when I saw it from the streets,” said Love. “That’s when I drove up. That’s when the fire was coming out and then going to the second story. We parked up there and I just jumped out.”
She said she ran near heavy flames and through dark smoke all to bring two young boys to safety, but it didn't stop there.
“From there I had to run around, I had to go upstairs and I was kicking on that door because that lady, her music was so loud,” said Love.
Most everyone made it out of the building safely only one was injured, according to Love. She said a man was trapped in an upper story home and was forced to jump from a window for safety. That's where Love and another person sacrificed their safety to come to his aid.
“I tried, I don't want to be called a hero or anything like that,” said Love. “I was just making sure everyone was ok.”
Love was also transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. However, she says it's nothing compared to what those who lost everything will now have to face
“Prayers you know,” said Love. “I hope the people who live there have somewhere else to go.”
 Four families met with the American Red Cross Sunday night and two others Monday. There is one additional person that may need assistance. That person was out of the country at the time of the fire, but when they come back she says the Red Cross will be ready to serve
“We provide them with food, shelter, and clothing,” said Farmer. “That is our mission. We give them a place to stay, a hotel. Usually then we provide them with the means to purchase food and clothing.”
The American Red Cross is doing everything they can to get the effected back on their feet, according to Executive Director Katrina Farmer. Click the link for the original story.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6