Drought Busted: Car Wash Still Working To Conserve

Drought Busted: Car Wash Still Working To Conserve

The drought may be over, but at least one car wash in Texoma is continuing to make efforts to conserve. The All-American Car Wash was one of the many car washes in Texoma that had to make massive investments and changes to schedules to stay operating within the confines of Wichita Falls drought restrictions. Because of those investments and efforts it now takes less than three gallons of water to clean a car.

"Our water lose is primarily from two functions one evaporation. Second is what we call drive out what comes out  on a vehicle that makes it to the back onto the pavement. The rest of what we can recapture goes back through our system and eighty percent is reused," said Jim Cadotte of All-American Car wash.

Cadotte said that the efforts made by washes in Wichita Falls have caught the attention of washes in other drought stricken cities in outside states that could soon face similar water restrictions.

"We get calls from all over the country about what are you guys doing what specifically have you done to reduce water use? So what we have done can be duplicated even on larger scales," said Cadotte.

Even though it has not a huge increase Cadotte said he has seen more people come into get their washes since drought restrictions were lifted.

"They said boy it feels good to come back without any of the guilt," said Cadotte.

Ever since restrictions were lifted Cadotte said he has been able to offer more work hours for employees. Prior to last month Cadotte and other Wichita Falls car washes were permitted to operate no more than five days a week.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6