New Restaurant Heading To WF Municipal Airport

New Restaurant Heading To WF Municipal Airport
A new restaurant is coming to the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. Wichita Falls City Councilors approved $485,704 project at the council meeting Tuesday.
 The final approval means that construction can begin as early as next week. The restaurant will include a full service bar and upscale bar food. It will also become the one and only food establishment to enter the new municipal airport.
 “I’m so excited,” said Sally Harlow, the owner of "Good to go Gourmet," and the new restaurant headed to the airport. “I feel like we kind of jumped the gun because everywhere I go everyone is like ‘when does the restaurant open, when does the restaurant open.’”
The construction will start with the kitchen, and then stretch to a full service bar in the airport lobby. It’s a process that Airport Administrator Jon Waltjen is excited about.
 “It’s a long time coming and it’s overdue,” said Waltjen. “It’s going to be 100 percent improvement for our travelers.”
Right now travelers have very few options at the new airport. There are only snack and beverage vending machines to tide them over until they reach their destination. The new hotspot will not only be for travelers, but for the entire community.
“It’s not just ‘I got to take a flight,’ it’s ‘let’s make a day out of it,’ type of thing, and they'll be able to see what we have,” said Waltjen.
“I think if the food is good, kind of like a destination place, no matter where you go or what you do people are going to come to it,” said Harlow. “It’s kind of like a generation of food, these people follow that.”
The restaurant will offer a full breakfast and lunch menu. It will open at 5 a.m. and stay open until 4 p.m.
After that, pre-packaged meals made that day will be sold, while the bar will remain open until the last flight takes off.
 “Harlow is an artist when it comes to food preparation,” said Director of Aviation John Burrus. “So I'm sure she's going to have a draw from the public outside of the normal traveling public.”
“It’s going to be something that is definitely different than your typical airport food,” said Harlow.

 Construction is expected to take about 90 days. The nearly half a million dollars approved Tuesday also includes new parking changes. And an additional $37,000 for the reconstruction of a Taxiway C.

 Taxiway C will be completely torn up and re-built. The current Taxiway is about 50 years old. Aviation officials say this is one of the very last projects to be completed. Construction will begin at the end of July.Officials say the work will not interfere with commercial flights.

“Our primary concern is we've got to keep both the commercial and the general aviation aprons open,” said Burrus. “So the only way they can do that in three separate phases if you would.”
 Parking changes are also expected to begin soon. Currently parking is a flat rate of $3 for travelers or patrons coming to the airport.
 Soon it will change to a $2-a-day system. The entry gates to the new long-term parking lot will issue a time dated stamp, and upon exit those customers would insert that stamp and see how much they owe.
Those coming to the airport for the museum or the new restaurant will still be subject to the new parking system. However, the museum and restaurant will validate those stamps. And those customers can stay parked as long as they want, for free.
The new exit gate will only accept credit cards or tokens. However, those wanting to pay cash will still have that opportunity. There will be a cash machine inside the airport.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6