FNHSFU Moving to CW Texoma, With New Time Slot!

The Friday Night High School Football Update will be moving to the CW Texoma this fall, with the kickoff episode coming up August 28th!

The show will also have a new time, 11 p.m. and will run a full half-hour, 20% longer than it ran in the past. It will still be your first home for all of the best high school football scores and highlights for Texoma.

Here is how you can find the CW Texoma in your town:

Time Warner Cable (Wichita Falls): channel 5

DirecTV (Texoma area): channel 5

Allegiance Cable (Munday): channel 3

NTS Cable (Burkburnett/Iowa Park): channel 13

Suddenlink Cable (Burkburnett): channel 13
Suddenlink Cable (Electra, Henrietta): channel 12
Suddenlink Cable (Nocona): channel 9
Suddenlink Cable (Olney): channel 11
Suddenlink Cable (Quanah): channel 10
Suddenlink Cable (Seymour): channel 8
Suddenlink Cable (Vernon): channel 5

VYVE Broadband (Bowie): channel 5

Zito Media (Graham): channel 21

Currently, Dish Network does not carry the CW Texoma. If you have Dish Network and still want to watch the Update, or if you're out of the area and still want to keep up with the latest scores and highlights, we are happy to announce that the show will be streamed LIVE at Newschannel6Now.com! Check soon for a link to the live stream, which will also show most newscasts!