Humane Laws

Humane Laws

Sunday Representative James Frank was in Wichita Falls to talk with locals about how they can help support bills that can create an animal friendly and humane Texas. For about twenty minutes Frank took questions and gave answers about the long legislative process and the best way to let your lawmakers know how you feel.

"I mean it really is, I think you should communicate and communicate and communicate as early as possible. It really is helping to educate them. You know more about the issues you deal with than I ever will," said Representative Frank.

A group called the Texas Humane Legislation Network passed out information and talked with animal advocates of Wichita and surrounding counties about recent laws passed. One such law was aimed at how law enforcement deals with an animal or pet encounters.

"Over 200 dogs in the state of Texas were shot by law enforcement in 2014. Nobody want's this to happen to their pet. We've got to train these police officers and it is a win win not only for the animals, but also for the law enforcement out there," said Shelby Bobosky of the THLN.

Representative Frank advised all who wish to voice their concerns to call, e-mail, write, or meet with him to help better understand their issues. Here are some of the recent examples of bills that deal with animals, some that passed and failed.

Passed: H.B. 593
Failed: SB 987 HB 2562
Jack Carney, Newschannel6