Local Farmer Optimistic About Peach Harvest

Local Farmer Optimistic About Peach Harvest

Wichita Falls, TX -  By now Texomans know the importance of rain, especially local farmers. Just enough rain or sun can determine whether their harvest is few or plenty. This year, farmers received a little of both and now things are beginning to back to normal.

"It's been tough, but it's turning around now and everything is great," said Ken Jetton, Owner of Jetton Farms in Charlie, Texas.

During the drought, Jetton said they loss about 2,000 peach trees, but now peaches are making a strong return. So much they replanted 800 more trees.  
Jetton said the drought did not just affect his peach trees, but decades old pecan trees.

Last year, to get by they had to irrigate more than 200 acres of land.

"We did irrigate two, three years there and we got out of it what we could," said Jetton.

He said insurance money helped out a little too.

"I don't want to live with it, but when we make a crop we do really well," said Jetton.

This year, he did not have to irrigate thanks to the record rainfall in May.

"We lost a lot of black eye peas, squash, okra and stuff that we had planted this year when you get twenty inches of rain that's just what happens."

While it may have put a damper on some of his crops this summer, Jetton said he is looking forward to future harvests.

"I'm glad it happened. It probably turned the wheat crops around for next year and the year after that," said Jetton.

Jetton Farm's on average harvest between 800-1000 bushels of peaches a year, but they only expect to harvest about half this year.

Jimmie Johnson, News Channel 6