Accommodations A Concern For Hotter'N Hell Hundred

Accommodations A Concern For Hotter'N Hell Hundred
Thousands of people will be heading to Wichita Falls in just over a month for the annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred weekend. As people begin booking their trips, the main concern again this year is accommodations.
The Hotel at Wichita Falls is not expected to open in time for the big weekend, August 29. The hotel normally fills 167 rooms, rooms that will not be available to incoming riders.
The hotel was damaged this year from one of the several storms that hit Texoma back in May. Although work is being done to get the hotel operational it is currently not accepting any reservations earlier than August 30th, the Sunday after the ride.

It's a slightly different situation than when the Grand Hotel shut down unexpectedly last year, according Hotter'Hell officials. The hotel did not take many reservations for the event. Only about 35 people are booked for that weekend at the hotel, but no money was put down for those reservations, said Filer.

 Newschannel 6 reached out with hotel officials about its closure and have not heard back. However, one hotel we contacted is reserving about 15 rooms for the guests of The Hotel at Wichita Falls.
“It’s going to put some pressure on the other hotels, they'll fill up,” said Chip Filer, Executive Director for Hotter'N Hell Hundred. “The big thing that we're trying to do is provide the participants with alternative accommodations.”
That's where the Burkburnett Blacksox Training Facility comes into play. Officials there are opening up doors again this year for that very reason.
“It gets bigger every year because you get to meet new people and see the old people that have been here in the past,” said Mickey Cornelius, President of the Burkburnett Blacksox.
The facility can sleep more than 150 people, an amount that, in the past, has never reached capacity. However this year that could change.
“We've been getting lots more calls for some reason,” said Cornelius. “We started earlier this year, back in January, so everyday we'll have one or two reservations come in for beds.”
The dorms have a full kitchen, along with laundry rooms, storage room for bicycles, and other amenities. It sleeps both women and men comfortably in separate rooms.
“I’d like to see more riders of course and more people enjoy our facilities,” said Cornelius.
With the ride right around the corner both Cornelius and Filer said it’s time to begin those preparations.
“This ride happens, not because of me or because of sandy and I, but because of the volunteers on the steering committee and volunteers in the community,” said Filer.
Cornelius said the facility has two groups that book the facility every year, but they still have 100 rooms for additional riders. Right now they’ve booked around 40 of those rooms with 60 still available at $80 a night.
The Burkburnett Blacksox facility is not the only alternative accommodation you can book. You can head to the Hotter'N Hell website to view your options.
Starting this Wednesday, July 15, Hotter'N Hell officials will be taking calls from volunteers looking to host riders. Then come August 1, they will begin matching riders with homes.

Ten thousand people are expected to attend the ride, and weekend activities for Hotter'Hell. Last year, HHH officials said they had about 150-200 host home volunteers but this year they are looking to surpass that number.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6