Keeping Kids Cool in Rising Temps

This week is expected to be the hottest of the Summer season.  Many adults are making sure kids are cooling down by keeping themselves hydrated.

Newschannel 6 took a trip to Camp Graham Ball on Tuesday, where there is no access to soda, only water, and only milk and juice during meal times.

At camp, it's all about keeping kids cool and hydrated.

"We play outside for about an hour, they have water jugs with them all of the time so they always have that opportunity to drink water.  It's hot, so we'll go outside and play for about an hour and then go inside for about 30 minutes," said Jason Richardson, Boys Camp Director at Camp Graham Ball.

Richardson said that having water available for his 35 campers this week in the Summer sun is must.

"A lot of them bring their own water bottles.  If they don't have their own water bottles, we have water jugs for each cabin that they're in.   They're split up by cabins and we even have a community water jug that they have available to them at all times," said Richardson.

H20 is always number one.

"That's the big problem out here.   Kids don't drink water at home.   They come out here, and it's 100 degrees and we're outside playing and doing activities, and they start to get sick from being dehydrated," said Richardson.

We also spoke with a camper who understands why drinking water is so important.

"So that you don't have to pass out or get dehydrated," said the Camp Graham Ball Camper.

The water jugs at Camp Graham Ball are filled every 30 minutes to make sure the kids drink plenty of water.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6