WW II Veterans to be Honored At Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day is four months away, but on Wednesday, four World War II veterans announced this year's Veterans Day Parade in Wichita Falls will be their "Last March".

Newschannel 6 had the opportunity to speak with the group who served in the Army, Navy and Army Air Corps.

"In the Navy, I was a deck officer on an LCI gun boat in the South Pacific and we were used for close fire support for landings, amphibious landings.  I was a junior officer on board that ship and I was 19 years old.  We really appreciate those that are left.  Those of us that are left are really proud to march for those that have gone before us," said WW II veteran, Robert Seabury.

"I was a cadet pilot, and I graduated as a pilot.  I stayed on as an instructor pilot for about a year and then I graduated into a B-24 pilot.  I feel like it's an honor to be here with these guys," said WW II veteran, Herbert Moller.

"A chance to get together.  There's a lot more appreciation being shown to all of the veterans now than what it used to be a long time ago.  The further away from it we get, the more they appreciate us and that's good," said WW II veteran, Robert Scheurer.

"That was me when I was about 20 years old and those were my paratrooper wings.  It's a pretty major incident in my life and things like this," said WW II veteran B.H. Alexander.

The four men are definitely thankful to be honored, which brings back many memories.

"A lot of memories.  The main thing is landing in New Guinea on the way up to the Philippine Island.  I was briefing my flight for the next day, the next day the bomb flew into Hiroshima, so it was quite an experience," said Moller.

"We sailed right into the heart of the typhoon and almost lost the ship, ships were sinking around us.  It was pretty frightening.  I just love my country and if I was 50 years younger, I'd go again in a minute," said Seabury.

The last time the Veterans Day parade in Wichita Falls included a special veterans of World War II tribute was in 2009.

Relatives of deceased WW II Veterans who would like to pay tribute are encouraged to march with the veterans on Saturday, November 7th.

For more information, call Joel Jimenez with the Disabled American Veterans at (940) 636-7577 or Robert Seabury at (940) 696-8783.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6