BLM Land Grab

BLM Land Grab

The Bureau of Land Management is still attempting to grab up portions of land along the Red River.

Kevin Hunter owns more than 300 acres along the Red River. Over a year ago Hunter was told by the BLM that over 2/3 of the land he owned deeds for, lived on, paid taxes for and farmed was going to be "reclaimed" by the government. The BLM claimed that a "gradient boundary" begins a mile and a half from the Red River shore. State surveys done on Hunter's property have said otherwise.

"We protested the survey they sent me a letter back dated June 23rd, 2015 that they are dismissing my protest because of obscured interpretations. I feel like I am a law abiding citizen, but I am in a corner what am I going to do," said Hunter.

There are more landowners like hunter who plan to appeal their protest in a fight to continue to keep their land from being grabbed by the government. Hunter and others have until the end of next week to return the proper paperwork. Both Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry and Texas Senator John Cornyn are working on bills that could help eliminate land disputes suffered by Hunter and others.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6