Owner of Puppy Possibly Exposed to Rabies Speaks Out

The owner of one of the puppies who may have been exposed to rabies is speaking out.

Laken Ruiz said that she is heartbroken.  She only had the Sheppard mix pup named Maggie for about a month.  On Tuesday, she found out a puppy of the same litter had tested positive for rabies.

"We love dogs and they're pretty much family to us.  The dog was free.  She was a loveable dog, nothing outrageous about her," said Ruiz.

Maggie came from a dog listed on Craigslist.  The ad stated that the pup was free and just three months old.

Ruiz's dog is being tested among six others for rabies.

"I found out on Facebook and I was like mom, what do I do?  Do I call?  She said yes, you do and that's safety.  You don't want everybody in Wichita to get rabies.  So, I called," said Ruiz.

Amanda Davis, Animal Control Supervisor and Local Rabies Control Authority with the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District, said she is awaiting the rabies test results of Ruiz's puppy as well as the remaining six others.  Davis also said, there is a reason for all of the puppies to be tested.

"It's still that variable factor that just because one of the puppies has it, there's a chance that the other puppies might have it," said Davis.

Davis said you should always be cautious when buying a pet online.

"There's always that element of danger when you're getting a dog that you don't know what it's been exposed to.  You definitely want to get your pets vaccinated.  It is a state law that all dogs are vaccinated, it needs to be seen by a vet," said Davis.

As for Ruiz, she said she will never buy another dog from Craigslist.

"Think twice, don't go on Craigslist.  If you're going to go on Craigslist, make sure it has all of its shots," said Ruiz.

There are two other dogs in Ruiz's home.  According to the Health Department, if the Sheppard mix pup tests positive for rabies, it depends if those two dogs would need to be tested as well.

Test results of the other seven pups are expected to be available within the next 24 to 48 hours.

The Health Department is still searching for the last puppy from the litter of the Craigslist ad.  Anyone who has the final missing puppy or knows who may have the puppy should contact the Health Department at (940)-761-7833.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6