Health District Releases Rabies Update

Wichita Falls, Texas-The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District received rabies test results today for three adult dogs, including the mother dog, and four puppies (from the litter of nine puppies being sought for rabies testing) from Henrietta, Texas

The adult dogs and the four puppies tested negative for rabies. A fifth puppy was also tested, but because it died prior to submission, the testing was not able to be completed. Three puppies still need to be tested.

There is still one puppy that has not been found. The Wichita County Public Health District is stressing that it is extremely important that this puppy is found and sent for testing.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this puppy needs to contact the Health district at (940) 761-7800.

The testing is a result of one puppy that was found to have rabies.

The Health District also still needs to find anyone who may have come in contact with the puppies while they were at their original home in Henrietta. Please contact the Health District immediately at (940) 761-7800 if you took one of these puppies home or were exposed to the litter. Also, if you know of someone that handled the puppies or took one home, please have them contact the Health District immediately.