Rebuilt By Religion

Rebuilt By Religion

After eight years Mitchell Chapel in Wichita Falls finally has a home they can call their own.

Floods destroyed the original chapel in 2007. The chapel wandered from building to building until they were able to find a temporary home at 110
Whitfield Lane in Wichita Falls. For five years through collections and donations the congregation now owns that building on 110 Whitfield Lane. 

"We were kind of scattered we lost sheep with moving around, but thanks be to God that we have found our place that we can call a home and that is here," said Mitchell Chapel Pastor Gloria Mitchell. 

The group was made the last payment and was able to symbolically burn the mortgage as a way to celebrate ownership of their new device foundation. 

"Yes, it is stronger because, like I say we struggle. But the Lord, I say it again, the Lord has seen us through. That is all I can say is that he blessed us," said Mitchell Church Senior Deacon Clarence Perry. 

Now that they have a home of their own. Bishop B.J. Mitchell said his focus is on rebuilding the congregation that was once lost to devastating floods. 

"If you need help we here for you. We feel that everybody's  purpose is different. Ours is to accommodate and to assist to help in every way that we can," said Bishop Mitchell. 

The church was given honors for their rebuilding effort by Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham with a personal city proclamation. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel6