WFISD to Livestream Meetings

Wichita Falls, Texas - The Wichita Falls ISD will begin live-streaming and broadcasting its board meetings and work sessions on its website, and will begin to do so on Monday, July 20.
To watch, find a link on the website homepage to watch the entire meeting live, or click on special agenda items to link directly to specific parts of the meeting that will be archived on the website.
All digital recordings will be archived by date and agenda items.
The district is now set up to record its meetings in two places: the Education Center's Board Room, located at 1104 Broad Street, and the Education Center's large upstairs meeting room, Room 302.
Room 302 is the site of many training events and award presentations. In the future, community members, the media and WFISD staff will be able to tune in live and watch specific events held there, or check in afterward to view the event.

"Both rooms have been equipped with cameras and audio equipment. The district is also using the services of Swagit, which automates the recording, streaming and archiving process as soon as meeting notices are posted," said Ashley Thomas the WFISD Communications Officer. “The district has been testing the system during the last few meetings and has been trying to iron out sound difficulties,” said Mrs. Thomas.

The set-up will be operating at Monday's board meeting at 6 p.m. and can be accessed at the district's website.