Pedaling For Non-Profits

The annual Hotter'NHell Hundred bicycle ride is drawing near.

It's one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the nation, and it all got started to celebrate Wichita Falls 100th birthday, and 34 years later it's still giving back.

"If HHH wasn't here then Streams and Valleys wouldn't be here." said Executive Director of Streams and Valleys Sandy Fleming.

Fleming and Dr. Robert Clark said the organization is all about supporting and giving back to the very non-profits that support it. 
 Streams and Valleys owns the Berend's Landing Complex which houses PETS low cost spay and neuter clinic, and The Rock climbing gym.

"That's a big property it takes a lot of money to you know maintain it and air conditioners break and we just couldn't do any of that without HHH." said Fleming.

 The Midwestern State University Cycling Team dorm also sits on the land and Hotter'NHell Hundred has been heavily involved in the program that has won 30 national titles since it started.

"We would not be where we are now, we have cycling director who they pay a percentage of the salary of that person because he also is the race director for HHH. They helped us with clothing they purchased a cycling trailer they are just a fantastic supporter." said HHH Executive Committee & MSU Liaison Dr. Robert Clark

Dr. Clark says over the years Hotter'NHell Hundred has taken over even more of a supportive role with the cycling program. It increased it's amount of endowment and also provides several thousand dollars each year for scholarships which is matched by MSU. 
 "You can travel all over the U.S. and see HHH T-shirts, people know about HHH and they all think it is a fantastic event every year. We have just been privileged to be involved in it." said Dr. Clark.