Extreme Heat Causing Travel Troubles For Texomans

Extreme Heat Causing Travel Troubles For Texomans

Wichita Falls, TX - As North Texas temperatures continue to increase, so does the chance of your vehicle overheating if not properly maintained.

With more drivers on the road this summer needing roadside assistance, a local tow truck company says it has seen a spike in business.

"July starts to get busy, especially with school out, more people traveling on the roads on vacations," said Jody Wade, President & CEO of Big Daddy's Trucking & Recovery Service in Wichita Falls.

On average, the tow truck company receives about 30 calls per day, but now their volumes have more than doubled.

Wade says people often mistaken winter as their busiest time of the year, but the extreme hot temperature on top of more people out traveling makes for a busy summer.

"More cars breaking down, blowouts and cars overheating," said Wade.

When vehicles break down, truck companies often transport them to local mechanic shops to have them serviced. A local mechanic Newschannel 6 spoke says most of the vehicles coming in this time of year are due to overheating and lack of preventive maintenance.

Wade says often times when his workers go out to pick-up vehicles, drivers are experiencing the same issues.

"Tire problems are always unpredictable, but radiator hoses, cars overheating and that sort of thing -- Just be sure to check that coolant and try to do a walk around before you start out on the road," said Wade.

To ensure your vehicle performs at its peak, mechanics suggest you do the following before heading out on the road:

- Get a tune up
- Check your battery 
- Take a look at belts and hoses 
- Has air conditioner tested 
- Inspect tires

Jimmie Johnson, News Channel 6