Holliday I.S.D. Plans To Use Water Tank Even After Drought

During the historic drought, Holliday I.S.D. had a tank built on campus grounds to help capture runoff water to water its athletic fields.  Now that the drought is over, the tank is still fulfilling its purpose.

During the heat of the Texoma drought, Holliday I.S.D.'s Superintendent, Kevin Dyes said it was all about keeping the athletic fields alive, not lush.

"We lost the ability to use city water to irrigate, and we were having to buy effluent water and put it into a tank, and that was really expensive," said Dyes.

Thus came a tank located between the softball and football fields to capture runoff water.

"It's a source of water for us.  We're going to start having to use these softball, baseball and football fields," said Dyes.

Dyes also said the tank is essentially a free source of water, with or without a drought.

"Even though we've had rain, we're going [the fields] to start drying out fairly quickly and so to maintain the fields in really good condition, it takes a lot of water.  So we'll be using them all through the fall and keeping the fields in shape through football season and keeping them up during baseball and softball," said Dyes.

With the school year about to begin, these fields will be in use and Dyes believes it's all about safety.

"The ground gets hard and it can cause more injuries.  The district wasn't in a position to put in turf, which obviously doesn't require water, so we were looking for some ideas to maintain our grass fields," said Dyes.

Dyes also said, using the water tank, which was completed in April, is saving the Holliday tax payers money.

The tank itself was funded by donations from the Holliday Athletic Booster Club and a Wichita Falls businessman.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6