Like An Oven?

Like An Oven?

So far this year, 10 children have died sitting in a hot car. If not for the heroic efforts of a Kansas woman, it would have been eleven.

Here in Texas, the state that has lead the nation in hot car deaths since 1998 with 95, things are unfortunately drying out and heating up.
"The temperatures are starting to get hot now, and we've had one heat related incident in relation to a child left in a car," AMR Operations Manager Charles Grady said.

Temperatures were the 90s again and pushing 100 outside in Texoma. Inside a car, however, temperatures were over 150°. "It only takes a few minutes for a child, animal, or elderly person left in the car, to have an extreme heat emergency," Grady added.

Of the 636 deadly cases of vehicular hyperthermia in children since 1998, over half of them were because the child was forgotten by their caregiver.  
Grady's advice to parents?

"Put something in the back of the car that you need to take with you, in the store or wherever you're going, so its just another reminder that they're child is in the car."

Something that could prevent AMR from being called to save to save your son or daughter.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6