Firefighter Funds

Firefighter Funds

The Scotland Volunteer Fire Department raised funds to help fight future fires. The locally owned Thad & Paisley's off 281 in Scotland hosted the event with a dinner, bake sale, silent auction and even a raffle. Owner Fernando Rangel said he supports the local volunteers who fight fire because he is a firefighter himself. 

"So I know the importance of having Fire Departments around and Volunteer Fire Departments are not paid so they get grant money and help from the community so that is what we are here for," said Rangel. 

Terry Graves had his eyes on one of the many raffle prizes. Graves said that since there is not a closer first responder in the area, it is important that the Scotland VFD raise the money they need to fight fires. 

"These people work for a living all the time and you know the communities are small just like every community they are strapped for funds and anytime they can have a fund raiser and raise a little money to buy equipment with so they can serve the community better," said Graves. 

Kenneth Nichols is the Assistant Fire Chief for Scotland VFD. Nichols said that he and others at the department cannot thank the community enough for the financial support that the money brings for the Scotland VFD.

"We appreciate all the donations the donations that we get because kind of like this truck from the forestry service and we have others we are still building up," said Nichols.

According to the Scotland VFD the money from today's fundraiser is still being counted. Last year the Scotland VFD was able to raise as much as $6,000.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6