BBB: Buying Used Cars

The BBB is here today to give you some much needed information if you are in the market for a used car. The BBB constantly receives calls from consumers unhappy with their used car purchase and there is usually nothing that can be done. Some of the common misconceptions when purchasing a used vehicle include:
1) 3-day cooling off rule-this rule does not apply when purchasing a vehicle. This rule only applies in certain situations
2) Lemon Law-there is not a lemon law that applies to used cars in the state of Texas
3) Some consumers think that they have up thirty days to return a vehicle, when in fact they don't
Before signing any contract you should:
1) Take time to read and understand the written agreement including any warranties
2) Ask Questions and don't sign unless you are satisfied with the answers
3) Spoken promises are difficult to enforce; so make sure all promises are in writing
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