Liquor On The Lake

Liquor On The Lake

Iowa Park leaders approved a change to local laws that will allow anyone to drink alcoholic beverages on or around Iowa Park Lake including George Hammonds Park. Iowa Park city leaders voted 3-2 in support of the changes.

Iowa Park City manager Jerry Flemming made clear that not all parks or bodies of water in Iowa Park allow alcohol use. 

"The request has been made through several of our elected officials and from citizens that we allow those types of beverages in that one park and not in the other parks," said Flemming.

Many could be seen on the shores of Iowa Park Lake earlier. The majority of the people there told Newschannel6 they had hoped the city would change alcohol rules for Iowa Park Lake. However, many said that it would take self control from citizens to prevent abuse of alcohol.

"Everybody has got to be mature enough to know that we need to take that seriously and take responsibility about it. Myself included I have to be responsible to know that if we are going to come out here and drink you cannot be stupid and take advantage of it," said Austin Whitaker who grew up around Iowa Park and its biggest lake.

Others said they had no idea that alcohol was not allowed to be consumed, bought, sold, or distributed on or around Iowa Park Lake. 

"No, absolutely there is no sign to say that alcohol prohibited no glass bottles anything like that I really don't see any," said Kalen O'Connor of Wichita Falls. 

No word yet on when the new rules will go into effect stay with six as we continue to update this story. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel6