MSU Expanding

Crews are still working hard out in the summer heat at Midwestern State.

They are working on a number of projects, including building the new dorm.  Officials said they broke ground on the project in May.  During that month Texoma saw record rainfall and then in June we got heavy downpours.  This caused the project to be delayed by a few weeks.

"We had a lake in there for a little bit and we pumped that out and back filled it," Kyle Owen, Associate Vice President for Facilities Services at MSU said.

Since then, crews have been working around the clock to get back on track.  However, weather delays are something officials prepare for. As Owens said, it is part of the scheduled process.

"They've got two drilling rigs out there at the moment for the roughly 150 piers," he said, "I understand they're going to have a third one to try and do some catching up."

The facility is expected to be completed by August 2016, which will be just in time for the fall semester.  Officials said one of the reasons why they felt there was a need for the new dorm was because there has been an increased demand for students to live on campus the last couple of years.  Since there was not enough space on campus to house all the students, some of them went to Mustang Village.

Another reason is simply that the campus will continue to grow.  Therefore, they need to build for the future.

"I personally think you build it, it will bring more students here and we need more students," Owen said.

However, while building for the future is great, officials still have to deal with current issues like parking.

"We did take out the 220, roughly spaces over there at the dorm," he said.

Good news though, crews are building new parking spaces right next to the football practice field.  So while students might not be able to park right next to their dorm, it's not a far walk.  Plus, the new parking lot will actually add approximately 50 spaces to the entire campus.  Those spaces are expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

This brought some relief to students at MSU, but since parking has been a concern of theirs for so long, they feel it won't take long before the problem comes back.

Owen said they expect the winter months to be tough.  There is a possibility more delays could happen on the dorm project.  However, with those weather days in place, he said they shouldn't have a problem bouncing back.

"We have no reason to believe it won't be completed a year from now," Owen said.

Officials are also working on other projects, such as the new restaurants coming to the campus, and just basic upkeep.  However, those are just summer project, since it is the best time of the year to do them.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6