Woman Calling Plays In NFL

Woman Calling Plays In NFL

Wichita Falls, TX - As NFL teams head into training camp, media attention has shifted to the Arizona Cardinals, who recently hired the first female to coach a position in the league's history.

Dr. Jen Welter and intern with the team will head up a group of linebackers through the NFL's 2015 pre-season.

Welter has close ties to Texas, playing football here and even has a connection to Wichita Falls.

Solomon Brown, graduate assistant and defensive lineman coach at Midwestern State also has ties to Welter. Brown says he's known her for about two and half years, first meeting her at James Madison University as an undergraduate student. He says her knowledge of the sport is unmatched and is excited to see her take it to the next level.

"I know her competitive side and everything. She does it at a high level and a professional level. The world might not be ready for her on this level," said Brown.

According to NFL.com, Welter played 14 seasons of pro football, many in the Women's Football Alliance. In 2014, Welter played running back and special teams for the Texas Revolution, an indoor football league team based out of Plano. Recently, Dr. Welter helped the Wichita Falls Nighthawks with its tryouts.

Solomon says the biggest challenge Welter may face is dealing with veteran players but has not questioned her coaching ability.

"If a coach gets to that level, they automatically know that this coach has gotten here for a reason and that coach knows his or her stuff," said Brown.

Welter is among women like Becky Hammon, assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs, who coach in predominately male sports.

About a week and a half ago, Hammon led her team to win the NBA Summer League Championship. She is going into her third season on the team's coaching staff.

Jimmie Johnson, News Channel 6