WFISD: Lone Superintendent Finalist Named

During a special session, the WFISD Board of Trustees named Michael Kuhrt as the lone finalist for the superintendent position.

This was a position he didn't plan on taking when he moved to Wichita Falls about a year ago.  However, that changed when former Superintendent Dr. John Frossard resigned.

"As soon as I found out that was happening, then that was, I'd like to do that," he said.

When Dr. Frossard resigned from the position, Kuhrt become the Interim Superintendent.  Board members said this made a big difference when selecting him as the lone finalist.

"We got to see his management style, how he interacted with people, how people that worked for his interacted with him because that's very important," Trey Sralla, School Board President said.

Another reason why internally promoting the position was easier for board members was because he already lived in Wichita Falls.  Sralla said it is nice to already have someone who knows and is integrated into the community.  He added that his family already lives here, so it's an easier transition for them.

"He's proven himself to be the right person for the job," Sralla said.

Kuhrt said acting as the Interim Superintendent has prepared him to take on the role.  It gave him insight to know that this was a good fit.

"We have a lot of neat things going on, a lot of neat staff members, programs, opportunities for kids that are in our district," he said.

However, because of state requirements he will have to wait 21 days before the job is officially offered to him.  During those 21 days, board members and Kuhrt will be coming up with a contact.  Still, he is planning ahead like the day has already arrived.

"We've got some more staff members we need to hire," Kuhrt said, "We have programs that we need to get set up."

Plus, they still have to move forward with the bond and everything that comes with it, including the Career and Technical Education Center.  There is also the issue of House Bill 5.  Kuhrt said they need to get everything in order to follow those state requirements.  However, for the short term, he is just focusing on getting the district for the first day of school.  As for his family, it's pretty simple.

"They're ready to buy a house and settle down and stay for a while," Kuhrt said.

Before coming to Wichita Falls Kuhrt was the Superintendent in Dayton ISD from 2010-2013.  He was also the Superintendent in Giddings ISD from 2004-2010.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6