Lawton Police Warn of Man Scamming Service Members

Lawton, Okla. - The Lawton Police Department is warning those who visit the Central Mall, Walmart and Hastings to be aware of a man posing as a soldier who is scamming service members.

Lawton police say that n the past 6 months, there has been a black male known to approach soldiers at the previously mentioned locations.  The suspect's conversations will always start with his need to get his truck out of impound or a ride to the Welcome Center or a phone number to the Welcome Center.

Police say his victims are always service members, none have been civilians.

The man tells the victim that he is a soldier in transit, and depending on who he is talking to, he will use a higher rank than what they have to "order" them around.  When he has been given a ride to the tow yard, the man acts like he is going to pay, but then he comes out saying that there is something wrong with his card, or they are unable to release the vehicle.

The man always promises to pay back the money, mentioning that his wife is not yet in the area and that she will send the victim money via Western Union.

On two occasions he has mentioned winning a jackpot at the casino, but needs the victim to pay the taxes. He will usually keep this going for three to four days before the service member catches on that he will not be paying the money back.

The description provided by police is a black male, approximately 37 years of age, 5'8" and 150 pounds. He has very short cut hair with a receded hairline, brown hair and brown eyes. His first name is Willie

Please be advised and watch out for this individual as the man's cover story is not true; he is not in the military and has not been in quite some time.