WFPD Completes First Junior Police Academy

Wichita Falls, Texas - The Wichita Falls Police Academy honored some junior officers this morning.

On Friday, the graduation ceremony for the Junior Police Academy was held at police headquarters, followed by a cookout.

The Junior Academy gave kids the opportunity to experience law enforcement first hand.

WFPD Officer Danette Sheehan said, “We had a demo and the K-9's came in. Then, we went to Castaway Cove, they got to do some scuba diving.

We went to Washington Jackson School, we were able to do building searches and traffic stops with them, to which we added a little bit of a surprise for them. While they were escaping, or trying to get away from the bad guys, they were soaked with water guns, and that was a lot of fun."

26 kids took part in the Junior Police Academy, this is the first year for the Junior Academy.