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After 45 years of serving Wichita Falls "Beanie Burgers" Stanley's BBQ has closed. Two years ago the family who originally owned Stanley's put the restaurant up for sale. That is when owner Daren Stegall stepped in to bring the beanie burger back to popularity. 

"Yeah, it is a very sad day for us the beanie burger, the onion rings and other Stanley staples are going away," said Stegall.

Stegall cited poor location, rising beef prices and lack of interest from younger customers as a reason for low sales. While Stegall is sad to close the
Wichita Falls food favorite he is more worried about the future of what are now his former employees. 

"Yeah, they are going to have to look for work elsewhere through my contacts I have tried to get them some interviews so they have some jobs already lined up to go talk with people," said Stegall.

While some of his staff have worked in the restaurant for 25 plus years, others were recently hired. David Jones was brought on board just six months ago now he is job hunting. 

"It's sad you know a lot of people enjoy Stanleys so they going to miss it, we are going to miss it, it's a lovely atmosphere to work in. Just the way it is you know going to have to get up there and see what else is out there, but it'll be alright though," said Jones. 

Devout customers like David Johnson are sad to see their favorite ma and pa shop close the doors. 

"Every Sunday you get up go to church, get changed and then come here and go eat you know. It's been great BBQ for 45 years and word gets out that this is the last opportunity hopefully you were able to take advantage of it," said Johnson. 

Stegall said he wanted to give a special thanks to his employees who worked so hard during his two years of ownership. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel6