Dropped Call

Wichita Falls Businessman, Ben Wilson, used an app to find his iPhone after it fell about 9,300 feet during a flight.

During the 2 hour flight home from Houston in his Beechcraft Bonanza, the pressure dropped when the plane started to descend.     
The top lock on the door wasn't locked causing the door to pop open. 
When that happened his cell phone and newspaper that were sitting on the dash were sucked out. 
 After landing a friend suggested using the Find my iPhone app. 
        " Just as soon as he put my password in the location popped up." said Ben Wilson."So we got in the car and followed the highway to South of Jacksboro near Joplin, and it brought me right to it."

Wilson says he owes a little credit to a donkey who was in the field he was searching. 
 He said the animal searched with him, even helping lead him to the find under a mesquite tree.     
The phone was missing a battery from the battery case charger and had a few nicks, but was still in working order. 
     "The plane flew well but the phone did a good job of flying too and did an excellent landing. It survived so that's good." said Wilson.