2015 WFISD Teacher of the Year Receives Region 9 Honor

Wichita Falls, Texas - The 2015 WFISD Teacher of the Year gained an additional honor by those who recognized her efforts.
2015 WFISD Teacher of the Year Renee Blackwell won the Region 9 Elementary Teacher of the Year honor as she attended a Region 9 luncheon last week with fellow Teacher of the Year winners from around the region; she was unprepared for the program's big announcement.
"They called the three finalists up to the stage area and gave us each a gift bag," Blackwell said.
Before she could sit down, the announcer quickly declared Mrs. Blackwell the winner.
"It was like ripping off a Band-Aid -- she said it so quickly, it scared me," said Mrs. Blackwell. "This is not a Miss America answer: I did not expect to win."
The teaching competition in Region 9 is intense, Blackwell said. "There are some outstanding teachers out there. I know because a lot of them have taught my daughter."
But it will be 17-year teacher Mrs. Blackwell who continues on in the competition that could land her in statewide recognition territory - as the Texas Teacher of the Year.
It wouldn't be the first, or the second, time a WFISD teacher has progressed all the way to the state's top spot.