Road Trip: Electra Tigers

Tonight, our Training Camp Road Trip rolls in to Electra, where the Tigers are trying to make it four playoff seasons in five years, and four-straight winning seasons.

The Tigers were the most run-oriented team in Texoma last season. They bring back a ton of starters on both sides of the ball, but they plan to throw in a little twist with the offense this year. 

"I think the biggest thing we are going to do this year is get people in space," said Head Coach Todd Doughty. "We have a lot of guys that can make a lot of plays, we're just trying to get them in position to make those plays."

"I think the offense is going to bring out the passing game more," said senior quarterback Markeis Lee. "I think it should help us, especially with all the skill guys we have coming back. We only lost one person. All the skill guys we have coming back, we should be pretty good"

The Tigers aren't the biggest team in Texas, but they think their athleticism will be key.

"I'm not concerned with the size of our team, and I know a lot of people are," said Coach Doughty. "I think we make up for it with athleticism and speed."

One of the team's top linemen agrees.

"Teams we face, their lines are fairly larger than ours," admits senior Kody Nason. "But the offense that we run is a really quick, fast pace. All you have to do is block for a few seconds and get your backs past you."

The Tigers expect their athleticism to showcase itself on the defensive side of the ball as well. They have seven starters coming back on that side of the ball, and they expect to be even better than last year. 

"We are probably four or five days ahead already only after day one [of camp]," said Doughty. "So we expect good things from those kids. We have had to change a few kids around, but all in all we got a lot of kids back defensively, and we are expecting to get after people."

"Our defense should be real strong," said Lee, who also plays defensive back. "We had two defensive lineman and our linebacker that left, but our defense should be strong and ready to go."

Like most teams, the Tigers have their goals set high for the season. But Coach Doughty has a different message for his team this year.

Nason sums it up as, "Playing every game like it's our last and just giving 100 percent every game. Never let off, not even one play."

"The biggest thing I think, and we talked to our kids about it, is you want to be special," Coach Doughty said. "Special gives you a lot of wiggle room. There is enough pressure on these kids and what they do from a variety of different people, that I don't need to compound it by putting more on them. So what we talk about is being special."

The Tigers hope to be roaring loud this season, as they will open up with a tough home game August 28th against the Henrietta Bearcats.

On Thursday night, we'll continue in District 7-2A Div. II with a look at the Seymour Panthers!