New Burkburnett Police Department?

City leaders in Burkburnett are considering a new police department building.

An overall assessment of the facilities in the city was done and the police department took the top spot when it came to needing repairs.

The facility has been standing tall for over 75-years.  While you can see glimpses of history on the walls, you can also see the wear and tear the years has had on the building.

"A couple of items we had to look at.  One, there's been a lot of settling in the building, so that's caused some problems in regards to the architecture and some splitting and some cracking in the exterior walls," Mike Whaley, Burkburnett City Manager said

Leaks are another problem in the building.  You can see stains on the tiles and even the holding cells leaks are evident.  Officials said what makes the leaks in the roofs to tough to repair is simply the roof, or roofs.

"It has two buildings merged into one and we like to kind of call it our Frankenstein building sometimes," he said.

Then there's the electrical and plumbing problems.  Wires are exposed in various parts of the police department.  One holding cell actually can't be used because the toilet doesn't work.  These are just some of the reasons why the building was at the top of the update list.

"Overall cost, we're looking at $4.1-million," Whaley said.

This is if the new facility is built from the ground up.  City leaders are looking into all of the options.  This includes using an existing facility within the city.

"We've actually looked at a few locations, but that's all really been in a preliminary stage," he said.

However, since this is the early stage, nothing is set in stone.  City commissioners in Burkburnett will have to approve the project in various stages.  This includes the initial plans for the building.  If the plans are approved, the next will be the financial options.

Officials have no timeline on when they would like to press forward with the project.  However, Whaley said if it is not addressed within the next fiscal year, it will be on their radar the following year.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6