Road Trip 2015: Munday Moguls

Week one of our High School Training Camp Road Trip wraps up with a look at the Munday Moguls!

After having one of the area's most dynamic offenses last season, this year will be more about the defense for the Moguls.

"They say defense wins games, so we're going to have to play good defense," said Senior linebacker Bryan Castorena. "And we will take care of our offense by then."

That is the theme going into the 2015 season for the Moguls. They have some questions on offense, but not on 'D'. They expect the defense, which returns seven starters, to carry the team early.

"I think early on we're going to need our defense to play large," said Head Coach Patrick Corcoran. "Create some turnovers to give our offense some short fields to make up for our inexperience on that side of the ball."

Munday had Texoma's best offense last year, averaging over 40 points and nearly 450 yards of total offense per game. The Moguls come into this season with a new man under center, former running back Day'Veon Dockins, but they expect similar results.

"We can pretty much expect the same things," said Castorena, who plays wide receiver on offense. "We've got a new kid that came in, he can replace [two-year starter Alfonso] Nunez. That three-man backfield, they can take care of business back there."

"We should be able to exceed this year," said junior running back Dee Hemphill. "We've got a lot of skill players that are real fast. We should be able to out-run people."

The Moguls expect to use the speed of the team to their advantage this year.

"We're small, so we've got to play fast," said junior receiver and safety Heath Bivens, who led the Texoma area in tackles last season with 157 in twelve games. "That's our main goal is to be fast and fundamental, execute plays and just play fast."

"We've always had a few kids that could run, through the years," Coach Corcoran said. "So that's really how we are designed our offense. It's designed to play in space. Make reads, let the defense make the mistake and try to take advantage of it."

Munday made it to the playoffs last year, but they fell in the second round against Winters. This year the coaching staff wants everybody to be ready to play.

"Last year we needed some kids to step up late in the season that hadn't had to throughout the year, and they weren't necessarily prepared for that," Coach Corcoran said. "And that's not the kids' fault as much as it is ours. So we want to make sure that every kid that has a chance to step foot on the field, and to make an impact on the game, is ready to make that impact."

The Moguls have high goals this year and they want to make it further than last year.

"Every high school kid's goal is to make it to the state championship, get to Houston and win state," Bivens said. "But I think that should be our goal, to make it as far as we possibly can and win a state championship."

The Moguls will open their season at home, with what should be a really good matchup against the Windthorst Trojans, on August 28th.

On Monday, we'll start looking at District 3-2A Div. I, with the Olney Cubs.