Eastside Renaissance

Eastside Renaissance

Rickey Lowe and other community leaders in Wichita Falls Eastside gathered on Saturday to promote more investment in their community to help change the neighborhood in a positive way. 

Lowe grew up in Wichita Falls East side. He has also watched as buildings and businesses have slowly left for other parts of the city or in some cases been completely abandoned. Saturday marked the beginning of the Eastside Renaissance Bond Act. A series of investments and changes that Lowe and many others who live in the Eastside would like to see completed in their neighborhood.  

"There are several different buildings and locations that have a lot of neglect and what we are going to do is. We have an initiative on the Renaissance bond act is the block to block maintenance plan that is going to kind of clean some of the stuff up and get some of the stuff back to where it can be workable and optimal in the community," said Lowe. 

Those involved with the ERBA were promoting it through "365 Days Of Change" an initiative that hopes to carry out the goals laid out by the ERBA within a year's time. Many helped kick off the "365 Days Of Change" by honoring those who the community has recently lost. Balloons were released in memory of Domanic Thrasher who was shot with a gun and unfortunately lost his life a month ago.  

"So today is the Domanic thrasher day and the release of the balloons was to signify that," said Lowe.

For those who wish to help with the ERBA you can contact Rickey Lowe at (817)721-0475.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6