BLM Land Grab: Another Landowner Speaks Out

The Bureau of Land Management  has tried to claim the land of another Red River landowner. Jimmy Smith has lived on the Red River in Burkburnett for the last nine years. Now the Bureau of Land Management is now claiming that 100 of Smith's 145 acres he bought and owns is not his. 

"The gradient boundaries of what Texas describes is further to the north towards the river while BLM feels like it is further back to the south," said Smith.

Instead of backing down and allowing the government agency to take over his land Smith has joined many other Red River landowners in protesting the BLM claims to land. Congressman Mac Thornberry met with Smith and many others like him earlier this week. Smith said that Congressman Thornberrys plan to address the issue could resolve his dispute with the BLM.

"Mac did a good job about contacting everybody because it is going to take landowners participating in this process to make this work. If Mac can get this passed and get this through and surveyed by a private surveyor like he was talking about and they can get it done it would alleviate the BLM from being in our backyards," said Smith. 

Congressman Thornberry explained it may take time but he does have a bill called the Red River Private Property Protection Act that could be discussed and voted on in September. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel6