Celebrating Leah Martin

It has been nearly three months since Leah Martin went missing.  However, this weekend the family will be holding a memorial.

The 23-year-old from Graham, TX was last seen on May 29th, 2015 while attending a graduation practice for a relative.  The following day her car was found at an auto body shop, which was where she worked.  Since then, there has been no sign of the young mother.

"It never happens to you," her father Billy Martin said, "It always happens to somebody else and there's no words to describe the initial what's happened."

Her father was the one to report she was missing.  Martin said he knew something was wrong when she didn't answer his phone call.

"O talked with her daily multiple times during the day and when she didn't answer it was weird," he said.

Then, on August 6th, 2015 law enforcement officials found human remains just 10 miles outside of Graham.  While no identification has been made, family and friends of Leah can't help but think it's her.

"Being said that there's no other missing cases in the area, it's hard not to think about it," he said, "We hope that it's not, but then again, we hope that it's not somebody else."

It could be months before the family has answers about who the remains belong to.  Part of what has kept the family together during this difficult time is all the support they have received from the community.  Since day one, they have searched for Leah on their own.  They have also created a Facebook page in hopes of getting answers.

"We're not quitters," Martin said.

Their faith has also helped get through the past few months.  Martin said it has actually brought them closer together and to their faith.  Still, they know they have to press forward.  This is why on Sunday, August 16 a memorial will be held in honor of his only child.  While it will be a sad day for everyone, they will also bring joy by reflecting on their memories of Leah.

"We're celebrating her life because she would want that," he said.

For the service the family has requested for everyone to wear purple.  This is because it is her favorite color.

"It's also a royal color and she's royal," Martin said.

Still, Leah's family and friends await the results from the remains found last week.  They said if it is her, they will push through knowing they have closure.

"I don't have any regrets," her father said, "We knew we loved each other."

The memorial will be held at the First Baptist Church of Possum Kingdom.  It will be at 3:00p.m.

If you have any information on Leah's disappearance, call the Graham Police Department at (940) 549-6441.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel  6