Saint Jo New Top Cop

Saint Jo New Top Cop

Saint Jo has recently hired Officer Tyler Roy as the new Saint Jo Chief of Police. Chief Roy has been with Saint Jo for only six months, but he has been protecting Texans for over 20 years. Chief Roy served as the interim after previous Chief Tony Tomayo resigned unexpectedly in June. 

"A lot more administrative work behind the scenes work in coordination with the DA's office and the different departments trying to establish relationships with those departments and also trying to establish relationships with citizens of Saint Jo and people traveling through," said Roy. 

According to Roy, the majority of arrest made in Saint Jo are drug related. Chief Roy said that while Saint Jo might be a small town may drug traffickers use the local highway to deal.

"U.S. 82 is a drug trafficking corridor, it runs right off of U.S. 287. That U.S. 287 runs all the way into Colorado and we get a lot of traffic coming onto 82 going to the east coast," said Roy. 

Chief Roy officials begin his term as Saint Jo Chief of Police Thursday. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel6